Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 300's departure

It's not a secret that I love a clean, white kitchen. Since we've got a kitchen remodel hovering the in future, I can't help but wonder just how much longer they will feel fresh and up-to-date, but still classic. Though I don't think I'm ready for the return of wood finished on cabinets (except in very specific instances), I'm not opposed to considering other options. Namely, cabinets painted a color other than a shade of white.

Now this is tricky territory, especially for a neutral-lover like me, but I think I've come up with some beautiful examples.

This kitchen is by the lovely and talented (and often mentioned on this blog!) Erika at Urban Grace Interiors. I'm really into blues and greens lately, but I'm not sure if I could commit to them on my cabinets! This is such a great kitchen though. Love the mini tiles on the back splash -- Erika, are those marble? Gorgeous! And the back-to-back farmhouse sinks are quite indulgent.

Jean Allsop for Coastal Living

Now this is just ridiculously pretty -- here I go again with robin's egg blue. The island is wonderful, and I'm obsessed with the tin on the refrigerator. Though this is a muted color, once again, I just don't know if I could commit, so let's go a bit more neutral.

Photo via Cote de Texas

Joni at Cote de Texas is responsible for this find. Baton Rouge attorney (yes, attorney!) created this lovely kitchen. To me, it reads like a white kitchen, but is a bit more interesting, and a tad warmer (even when empty). Oooooh and I love dark window casements and the subway tiles that go all the way to the crown molding.

Jean Allsop for Coastal Living

While we're talking neutrals, let's dissect these putty-colored cabinets. If you look closely, you can tell that the color was probably chosen from the tile back splash. And I like the way the island is set off with another color. I can't say I'll ever have green kitchen cabinets, but it is pretty.

If you're still not convinced, there are other ways to bring color into your kitchen without committing to painting your cabinets.

Windsor Smith painted this floor a bold color, and notice that the ceiling is a paler shade. Once again, the tiles go to the ceiling!

Michael Arnaud for Domino magazine

Painting the inside of your cabinets a favorite color is an effective, yet subtle, way to inject a little color into your kitchen. When displayed behind glass-front cabinets or on open shelves, it will also make your accessories and dishes stand out.

If you had your way, what color would your kitchen be?


Confessions said...

I do love a crisp white kitchen...and crisp white bathroom...and just crisp white in general! Throw some of that robin's egg blue in there and voila! gorgeous. my aunt is a designer out of bham- check out her kitchen featured on her website:, picture #4 in her portfolio. not white but simply stunning (as is the rest of her home! wow!)

cotedetexas said...

Hi, thanks for the shoutout, so so sweet of you! go to my blog today and check out the kitchen in the house I featured, I think you will absolutely love it!!! I did!
thanks again. loving your blog.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the holla'!
i am honored to be in your line-up. that's my favorite kitchen (that I've done) so I'm glad you like it too. If I had my way - in my own kitchen- I'd pick a gray stain on a natural wood cabinet... I saw this a couple of weeks ago at my cabinet guy's shop and it was stunning. The door color was dubbed "Driftwood" - would be delightful with carrara counters and a lot of tile splash! the tile splash in that kitchen you posted was oceanside glass tile (white - iridescent 1x2 in an off-set pattern)!
happy weekend!!!
ps- I'll email you a photo of the cabinet door when i get back to the office on monday!

Lesley Riley said...

I just found your blog this week and love it. I too am in the beginning phase of a kitchen remodel and that 1st photo you have is one of my "possibilities". I love the framhouse sink too, but I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE. Will that date a kitchen in say 5 or 10 years? I don't want to commit to any other color than white cabinets, but I do like the idea of painting the interior of open & glass-front shelves. Thanks for sharing this one.
PS. I too adore robins egg blue.

Pink Wallpaper said...

funny you mentioned this- i just designed a kitchen where the island is robin's egg blue and then the upper glass cabinet interiors are robin's egg blue too. i can't wait to see it installed...take the leap!!

Katie said...

These are beautiful shots! We are also renovating our kitchen ( and I've recently chosen a similar blue for the walls, along with white painted maple cabinets.

I like the first one best- it's pretty without being too girly. Good luck deciding!

pve design said...

love to come and cook in your new kitchen.
what ever you decide, go with your gut and trust that you will love it. love all your ideas! I too want an all white/ kitchen with accents or grey/green and robin's egg blue!

Jennifer said...

thanks everyone!

Katie -- I've seen her work, and that kitchen is gorgeous!

Joni -- that house is To.Die.For.

Erika -- sounds wonderful, I'd love to see pictures!

Lesley -- thanks for stopping by. I have similar concerns about farmhouse sinks, but I guess there just isn't a way to know for sure.

Pink Wallpaper -- sounds delightful, you'll have to share it with us.

Post Pike -- I'll definitely take a look, thanks for sharing.

and great advice, PVE!

Vica said...

We definately have the same taste in Kitchens. I love all the pictures you posted. White or painted cabinets with subway tiles. I am also not a fan of wood finishes. But that seems to be all anyone is putting on the market and my husband refuses to buy a fixer upper. One of the many things this newlywed couple fights over.
New to your blog and loving it.

Anonymous said...

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