Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 312's addition

Stephen Karlisch for Southern Accents

I'd like to add this kitchen to the round-up of kitchens with painted cabinets. Actually, scratch that, it gets its own category -- that of being totally freaking gorgeous.

Austin, Texas designer Carol Glasser took a total Builder McMansion kitchen and turned it into a piece of custom kitchen art. To do so, she got rid of most of the upper cabinets (and replaced them with floor-to-ceiling pantries), hid two refrigerators behind panels that match the rest of the cabinets (that's one of them at the end on the right), swapped out the predictable finishes for carerra marble and chrome reproduction plumbing fixtures, and then swathed it all in this lovely blue-green. Heavenly.

If this were my kitchen, I would probably never leave it.

Here it is before the remodel, from the other direction. A perfectly suitable kitchen, but nothing jaw-dropping. Carol said she wanted to make everything "simpler, plainer, and fresher." I think it was a success.


megan @ a life's design said...

i love the kitchen! if it was your's i would visit you everyday.

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

I love love love this kitchen! Thanks for posting.