Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 376

I had a lovely beach house planned for today, but ... well, you know how things go some days. So far today has been one of those days.

I got up exceptionally early, as I had a few things left to do before heading out of town for the weekend this evening (the lake trip with the girls will surely make up for all of this!). So I swept the front porch, straightened up a bit, loaded and started the dishwasher, etc., and after my shower and subsequent routine, went into the office to iron my shirt and skirt. Shirt went smoothly, and Maddie was as happy as clam chewing on a rawhide bone on the floor. I was almost done with my skirt when I noticed a huge, mysterious stain on it. Hrmph. Fine, I'll wear the pants instead, but blast it they have to be ironed too!

Then I feel the errie calm in the house. The kind of calm that you hear parents of small children talk about. It's just at little too quiet, and you just know something's up. This is what I found in the living room:

She showed a little bit of interest in toilet paper several months ago, but after a few scoldings she's left it alone.

The rolls in both of the bathrooms are still intact, and I suppose she stole this one from under the sink in the "new" bathroom, which is partially exposed thanks to a door that won't stay put.

Let me tell you, this isn't half of the mess, either, she had it strewn about the living room floor and was just rolling around grunting and having a grand old time. Bless her.

If you came here for something pretty, wonderful Joni at Cote de Texas is doing beach houses this week, too. Definitely worth a look!

And Heather at Habitually Chic has a lovely collection of images and quotes by David Hicks. So inspirational and informative. A couple favorites:

"Good design is in no way dependent on money. I like to spend the minimum of money and yet gain the maximum effect. Style is not what you do but how you do it."

"Good lighting is subtle lighting; the more sources of light, the subtler the effect. Fluorescent lighting has no place in the home." Amen, brother!

"Good taste is something which you can acquire: you can teach it to yourself, but you must be deeply interested. It is in no way dependent upon money."

And this one's for Wes: "I like rows and rows of tonic water bottles, apple and tomato juice, two of three syphons of spirits lined up behind each other; it gives a generous, welcoming atmosphere, and if a bus-load of friends does descend upon you, you are ready for them."

Thanks for picking up my slack, ladies!


Amanda said...

That is too funny. She sure looked like she was having the time of her life though! Have fun at the lake!

layersofmeaning said...

I love it!
look at how much fun she was having!!

megan @ a life's design said...

bless her indeed.
she was having so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I know it probably wasn't very funny to you... but oh bless her heart... she was having a ball! Better toilet paper than a down pillow or comforter... right!?