Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 397

Just for fun, a pretty pink bedroom by designer Phoebe Howard.

I love this little writing desk, though I suppose writing is now more often done on a Mac than on stationery ...

The accessories are in keeping with the color palette -- and I love that miniature sofa!

A sweet sitting area complete with pink peonies and a cool Lucite table.

The room is decidedly girly, but has just enough white to keep if from looking too saccharine.


Anonymous said...

Love it all-the desk and chair, the sitting area chenille pillows, small chest of drawers, and the shade of pink they chose-grown up, not kiddish! Although I don't think the husband would approve of this anywhere in our Atlanta home, unfortunately!
Love your blog, thank you very much for sharing with us design-obsessed blog readers!

Jennifer said...

Dina - thanks for stopping by!

cotedetexas said...

I love this room - I'm in love with P.H. these days - as most bloggers are!!!