Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 416's quiz

Our marriage has not just been the blending of two lives, but also of two different styles and aesthetics. Wes has a clean lined, almost modern sensibility, and I, well, for all of my predictability, I'm kind of all over the place. I definitely lean in the direction of a classic, sometimes country look, but I always prefer things to be clutter-free and simple.

Yesterday I came across a Style DNA Test on MyDeco.com and decided to settle my inner style debate, once and for all!

According to the results (based on my chosen collection of images, shown above), my style is somewhat officially "Simple Chic."

"This classic look ranges from the opulence of a Louis XV armchair (I've got two of those!) to the simplicity of a Georgian dining table. Fortunately, you don't need original antiques to recreate the look in your own home (phew!), even on a budget. Keep most things classically simple, adding some finishing flourishes with well-chosen details: a chandelier above the dining table, perhaps, or an ornate framed mirror or print (like the one I found last week?)."

My Deco then recommended a few simple chic rooms that I might like:

Other than the raspberry pillows, I could get on board with this living room.

The bedroom is pretty dead-on. Love the upholstered bed!

Dining room is a bit sparse, but the table and chair combo is fun! These rooms are a bit more modern than I tend to go, and don't reflect "me" the way that I think the thumbnails I chose do.

Again, a little bare in the office. I know I said I like things clutter-free, but a desk this clean is completely unattainable!

So that was fun! What is your Style DNA?


Anonymous said...

That was a fun distraction. I'm "International Chic" which I think means "antique area rugs in rooms full of too much stuff!" It was pretty close to what I like actually. Thanks for sharing! Laura


Anonymous said...

I think Jennifer will find this pretty funny. I'm Country 'N' Modern. Which I think means that I like clean lines and darks and lights together as well as rooms that are comfortable and practical.

Mary Beth said...

Hey hey! I'm "Classic Country" I was a little surprised, but reading their definition, it was dead on! Thanks for the game :-)

megan @ a life's design said...

I am Country 'N' Modern (we took it together and got the same thing as well). I think that can be fitting. Their description was..."It sounds unlikely, but rural properties are amazingly adaptable to a modern style – as your home proves. The country-meets-modern look relies on natural materials and very often, the immediate landscape for inspiration. The result perfectly combines the simplicity of color and form without overlooking basic comfort and the practicalities of raising a family".
We love natural materials, love the outdoors and are inspired by nature, and like the simple joys in life. We aren't to the 'raising a family' part yet. :) Great post and great fun!

Unknown said...

So mine was "World Traveler." So random, but thanks for the link!

My Notting Hill said...

I took it twice, w/some different choices, and I came out Home Queen both times. Reading the verbal description was more convincing than some of the photos. Very fun!