Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 415's project

I doubt that this will surprise many (if any) of you, but we had another busy weekend! We've been debating about what color to paint the office for weeks (months, even!) and finally bit the bullet on Saturday.

Wes originally wanted blue, but we couldn't agree on a shade, so we opted for gray. Ironically, the gray he chose turned out very blue! I swear we couldn't have chosen this color "blue" if we tried, so I'm glad that we took a chance and we both really like it. It's definitely dark and a departure from the rest of the house (which is what Wes wanted), and I think it will be really sophistocated in the end (which is what I wanted).

Well, it's looking gray in the photos, so who knows! And ick, that blue chair does not photograph well! A slipcover is on "the list" but might have to be custom as we're having a hard time finding one to fit its boxy shape. And we're thinking white roman shades (perhaps with greek key trim) for the windows.

We moved a more feminine dresser my dad gave us into the guest room, and brought Wes' old dresser (which he painted white) into the office. I love the way white pops off the dark walls. And clearly we need doors for the closet, but since Wes organized his clothes according to Roy G. Biv, it's kind of fun that it's open!

Wes discovered the wonder that is spray painting this weekend, as he spray this lamp and an A/C vent black.

The next project in the office is this massive desk. I've tried to get rid of it on a number of occassions, but it has managed to win me over. It is big. The finish is not pretty. Should we paint it? I'll have to take another picture so you can see.

Through the office door, you can see the lovely butter yellow that used to cover the office walls (and every other wall in our house, for that matter!). And yes, that is sheet rock mud on the wall in the hallway ... the to-do list is never-ending!


Amanda said...

Hey I feel your pain with the never ending to-do list! I love the gray/blue color and can't wait to see what you do with the desk. I am on the look out for a desk. I wish I could get a hand me down desk and paint it. So, I say go for it. Lets us know how it turns out!

megan @ a life's design said...

Love the color! I think it was a great selection for the office. I support painting the dresser. Maybe paint it white with black accents like the dresser. And you could always throw a sheet over the chair. I love the spray paint story; both look great!
My neighbor saw me spray painting some frames and our fan blades. I came home the other day and she was spray painting an old picture frame.