Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 423's before and after

I was out of town (again) over the weekend, but Wes didn't seem to mind. Stuck indoors because of relentless rain (again), he busied himself by painting his massive desk.


And now, after:

It's a pale gray, and he's probably going to give the handles a once-over with black spray paint to glossy them up and make them darker.

After that, I've offered to tackle the extreme cord problem that's plaguing the room, then we'll add a couple of accessories to jazz things up.

This lamp is much more suited for a desk. Antique brass, please! And hey, the "smart" version is on sale for cheaper than the regular version -- I'm solving the cord problem already!

On the floor, I'd like to add a preppy-meets-practical rug from Dash & Albert. You'll notice Wes has an affinity for plaid by the background of his laptop.

Next, I'd add some reproductions of vintage cycling posters, here and here.

Wes has his own ideas for the office, so stay tuned for those and let us know what you think!


megan @ a life's design said...

Wes is such a hard worker.
The desk looks great! Can't wait to see the completed room.
How is the master bath coming along?

Lindsay said...

That looks great, Wessy! My desk looks like yours used to, I am considering painting it now.

Lydia said...

Love that Dash & Albert rug--I made a contact there when I was at market if you want it....

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