Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 444's dilemma

We've got some major bare floors happening in our house. We love, love all of the hardwood, but now that the weather's turning a bit cooler (it's been so hot that 65 feels positively frigid!), I'm ready to cozy things up.

Problem is, I am clueless when it comes to rugs. "They" say a room should be designed around a rug, but if that were the case in our house, we would have nothing done. We've got seagrass in the living room, and a cheap-o fake natural fiber from Wal-Mart in the kitchen. We bought it when we were desperate for something in our apartment, and hey, it works.

Photo by Francesco Lagnese for House Beautiful

This custom beauty by designer Markharm Roberts caught my eye. And in case you are wondering, those are hand-stenciled stripes on sisal. YUM.

Also spotted recently, Erika's lovely handiwork. Don't have stairs, but this would be fab in our long, boring hallway.

What kind of things do you use to cover your floors? What would you choose if you could have anything?


erika said...

holla'! I have a chevron herringbone area rug in my living room - it has a 'cactus' (green-brown) alligator leather binding... I love it. Simple, yet snazzy. :)

Anonymous said...

This post has me delurking myself. I have the HARDEST time with rugs. For seven years, I haven't been able to commit to a rug and it is driving me batty. I know that it is what is suppose to be the first purchase for a room but I for the life of me can't figure out what I like and want. I'm curious to what others have in their home.

P.S. Love the blog. WAR EAGLE!

Anonymous said...

Well if i could have any rugs they would be beautiful orientals..but my pocketbook can't afford the ones i want and if they could the hubby probably wouldn't let me spend it on rugs :) anyway, as for planning the room around the rug, can't do that when you already have nice furniture. we have been trying to find rugs for our living room for almost 2 years now - bare wood floors were getting old! anyway, finally found some "hand-tufted" indian rugs for a great price and actually found two that worked. and they are a much improvement from the bareness :)

The Gentrys said...

If you like oriental rugs, check out Rugman.com. We LOVE the hand tufted persian we bought from them for our living room- it is soft and thick and we couldn't be happier with it - and we snatched it up during a summer sale so it wasn't as expensive as most.

Jessica said...

I have a hard time deciding on rugs as well... I got a jute/wool rug from West Elm for the living room, but it sheds so bad (have to vaccum it at least once a week to avoid balls of fuzz floating around the room). Don't think I'll be choosing a jute/wool one again!! I don't think it's necessary to plan the room around the rug, even though I've heard that.... I think it's ok to have a rug that stands out a little - or it's easy enough to find a simple rug that will just kind of blend in with what you already have going on. Love your seagrass rug, by the way :)