Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 579's inspiring house

After hearing yesterday's news, one of my first thoughts (after the now-standard "what am I going to read?!") was to check in on my Deco File on Domino's web site. I was reminded how much I liked Katie Lee and Billy Joel's New York home.

Filled more texture than pattern, it's both restful and sophisticated. I imagine that it's the kind of space that reveals itself the more you look at it -- especially in person.

Another beautiful kitchen. I love the wall colors she uses, and will have to get my hands on a June-July 2008 issue to see if they are named.

This is what I think I want to go for in our guest room. Pale greenish-gray on the walls, a simple, upholstered headboard (which I'm going to attempt to make!) and white linens on the bed.

UPDATE: This wall color is Cliffside Gray by Benjamin Moore.

And maybe a little bit of orange, just to keep it interesting.


Anonymous said...

better print out those deco files...the website will be shutting down soon too. :(

paula said...

this was one of my favorite homes they showed. the guest room sounds like it will be lovely.

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

can't wait to see your upholstered headboard... i have all the things to make one for my master bedroom- if i could just decide on a fabric!

Sarah Ring said...

Oh its so sad... I too love the Joel's home though!

Lauren said...

wow love that last room & appreciate your listing the wall color!!

Michelle said...

I quite adore these calming :)

LOve your blog!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous pictures! I'm really into gray tones lately (my tacky 10-year-old self would kill me!), and the pics you choose really show the soothing, easygoing side of gray.