Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 584's fun finds

While visiting my sisters in Auburn this weekend, I convinced them to drive out to Angel's Antique and Flea Mall -- it doesn't take much to convince a college not to study. I'd been out there a couple of times while I was in school, but it had been a while. The place was totally packed, both with shoppers and wonderful goodies! You don't often find a good mix of sort of junky booths and more high-end booths, but Angel's has both. Here are a couple of things I'm wishing I came home with.

I love these mirrors, but really don't have a place for one at the moment. Who am I kidding? I could totally find a place for this beauty! The finish (which looks fine in the photo) was kind of gross, so it could probably use a coat of paint on the "bamboo." But at just $70, I think I could splurge on some paint.

The tag on this piece says that it is a document holder that was probably used in a courthouse. The dealer found it in a general store.

I loved the ribbon detail on the backs of these chairs. There were only two, so I would probably paint them and use them to flank a piece of furniture.

This blue club chair was also part of a pair, and each chair had a matching ottoman. The chairs were $25 each and the ottomans $19. You could spend a small fortune on fabric and labor to have them recovered and still come out on ahead, which meant that my Mom had to practically drag me away from them.

I have a thing for serving platters, and this pale blue one by Johnson Brothers was quite lovely. It was just $12, but I behaved myself and left it alone (though if someone were to get it for my birthday I wouldn't be disappointed!)

There was lots of pretty Fire King Jadeite. I thought the citrus juicers were especially cute and useful.

I loved this pierced blanc de chine-looking lamp. With a pretty gray shade, I bet it would look great in our soon-to-be worked on guest bedroom.

And this chandelier was beautiful too! Really, really loved it. A lot. It was $450. Which really isn't much, in the grand scheme of chandeliers.

It has such graceful lines, and could work in a formal or more casual room, I think.

We had so much fun browsing (all of) the aisles that we completely, totally lost track of time. We honestly spent more than three hours walking around debating about the value of watercolor paintings and pressed glass. A fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, I think!


LindsB said...

What a fun way to spend an afternoon for sure! I love wandering in stores like that, its so entertaining to me. I'm convincing my mom its fun too, and she has been coming with me on some junk-tiquing adventures.

Amber B. said...

Great stuff! My hubby wants to head down to Auburn in the spring for a baseball game. I may take a detour to that store while he watches the game!!

The Johnson Chronicals said...

I remember ole angel's antiques!!
There were some good finds there!

The Gentrys said...

Reading your post is really making me want to take the day off work and head out to Angel's! It is such a great place! Have you ever been out to Valley to their antique store? It is just like Angel's in the set-up but everything there is much cheaper. I found a beautiful chestnut chest from the 1850's for only $120!

Filia Artis said...

Did you come home with anything at all? I am like you, I love to browse, but have to be very careful about what to adopt and bring home or my home would become a junktique store!

paula said...

i want go too! looks fabulous.

megan @ a life's design said...

I am not going to lie, I didn't make it out there, and now I am really bummed. That document cabinet is fabulous! And the blue chair and ottoman are a steal!
I have shared some luv with you today, be sure to visit.

Lauren said...

Great picks!! Looks like an awesome place! LOVE and want the document chest--- it just feels so organized!!!

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Looks like a great place! I love Flea Markets!!

Amanda said...

So fun! I have had my eye on that lamp for a few months. Still out of the price range though. Did you buy anything? I couldn't find much that I needed. I just ended up with 2 bolster pillow inserts.

Jennifer said...

Ashley -- I didn't know about the store in Valley, you'll have to give me the scoop.

Megan -- I fully expected to run into you there! Next time we'll have to coordinate.

Amanda -- I didn't see how much the lamp was (I had to hold the camera high to take the photo) but it sure was pretty. I do think lamps are a great investment, but I've only got a couple of good ones.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed seeing my finds. I did bring home a random piece: a wooden shoe mold for $3. I'll have to snap a picture when I find a spot for it.

Judy said...

I L-O-V-E Angels! I'm down the road in Montgomery and it's my first time at your blog but not my last. I posted about angel's last year and it really stirred up some interest. In fact, last night I was looking at some of my old pictures on the computer and ran across the Angel's ones...I might just have to sneak over there this Friday. We're leaving for Mexico on Sunday so I might have to wait until we get back.

Check out my blog if you get a chance.