Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 597's answer

Right on cue, Eddie Ross has further answered my question about my black pitcher. Silly me, I was trying just a little too hard. A simple link on his blog to the ebay listings of "wedgewood basalt" produced 68 results that look a lot like my little pitcher (and the ones in this picture), and a quick Google search found this. Mystery solved!

And by the way, I love how he spray painted that once-ugly urn with matte black paint to blend with the rest of his black Jasperware! What a great idea to tide me over until we can splurge on a few more pieces.


Amy said...

have you seen the wedgewood collection at the bham art museum? very impressive.

paula said...

so very lovely. i am so going to keep my eyes open for you. surely there are wonderful little pieces floating around the city.

CarolineG said...

I need to see the progress on this house! We should lunch one weekend when I am in town, or even better, come to Tuscaloosa (OK, so maybe we will just lunch when I am in town! ha)

Anonymous said...

Hi!!!! you are so sweet! thank you for your post!