Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 598's makeover

I'm loving designer Keller Donovan's front porch makeover in House Beautiful. His ideas are universally applicable and easily replicated.

The first thing he did was take off the screen door. "I don't believe in screen doors on the front of a house. They always open out, and I just don't think it's welcoming to have a door shoved in your face as you're trying to get in," he says. Then he painted the house a nice beige (Sail Cloth by Benjamin Moore) and the front door Black Forest Green (also by Ben Moore).

He replaced a small, overhead lantern with a pair of over-sized lanterns from Home Depot.

New hardware on the door -- including a pretty ring-shaped knocker -- makes it shine. I bought paint for our front door yesterday, and we're shopping for new lanterns (and a drill bit that will work on the stripped screws holding the screen door to the house!), and I'll definitely be taking Keller's advice:

"Some people might think the lanterns are hung too low, but they're the same people who always hang pictures too high. I like a sconce down near your face. Conventional wisdom says it should be 68 inches from the middle of the fixture to the floor, but I'd still eyeball it.

I went for the "lifetime finish" on the brass hardware. Who has time to polish?

I chose a mail slot instead of a mailbox, because I can go away and the mail is all safe and sound and dry inside the house. Nobody sees it piling up.

Even a door can use a little jewelry, like a door knocker. This simple ring couldn't be more classic. Don't all the sexiest girls have hoop earrings?

A wrought-iron railing should be dark, not light. Forget the white paint."

Photos by Michael Price for House Beautiful


paula said...

wow, this looks like a whole new house. i am trying to pick a new color for our door. we have strict HOA so it's making it hard. I do want a knocker just like that though.

Amanda said...

Here's an idea. You can do a post on trim exterior paints with natural brick houses. Every time I try to find some ideas for paint colors for the trim, shutters and front door for our house (non painted brick) I can only find examples of houses that have siding or painted brick. It is hard to get some good ideas if you are not wanting to paint your brick. I want more options than white trim and a black door and shutters. Typical colonial color palate. Any thoughts or ideas in your inspiration file??

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

wow- love the transformation. can't wait to see yours.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Beautiful. I actually used sail cloth in my house. I love the color. I also love the idea of getting rid of the screen door. I hate mine! It looks so pretty and totally different.

The Steel Magnolia House said...

I love this house. It's in my hometown and I posted on Donovan a while back. He's great! Love the post.

Pink Wallpaper said...

love the close up of the door knocker...great inspiration!

LindsB said...

What a great before and after, I love the new black door, it makes the house look totally different