Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 620's favorite flowering bush

I realized yesterday while reading this that almost all of my favorite flowers are not flowers at all, but flowering bushes. Forsythia, quince, gardenia, camellia, and hydrangea top the list, and unfortunately, I've only got one of the five in my yard.

Behind our new wood fence is a forsythia bush the size of our SUV, but like I said, it's behind the fence in "the woods" and can't really be seen. After last week's cold snap, I went back there to check on it, and found that it had started blooming and looked a little shocked. The existing blooms had wilted but it still had some green buds, so I cut a few branches and brought them inside to nurse them back to life. In just few days, the buds filled out and now it's blooming nicely.

The bright yellow is so nice and spring-y in our dining room. Now if I can just decide what to put on the walls above my chairs (egg prints? plates?), get a shade that fits my lamp, and remember to order the pulls for the blue chest, we'll be set.

Oh, except for the chandelier. In a perfect world, we'd hang a big, antique lantern or something, but this is the time for quick, cheap fixes, not extravagant purchases. I'm thinking of spray painting it, but -- as usual -- I change my mind daily. The "antique brass" finish doesn't bother me all that much, but it is a little dated in general. I'm thinking matte black might do the trick.


Laura said...

The forsythia is lovely! I also see it looks like you got the mirror you'd been wanting. I noticed it awhile back and keep forgetting to ask you about it. It goes so well your blue chest. Where did you get it?

Katie said...

I am a daily change my minder as well...I guess that is why God gave us spray paint :)

I love mom has a few big bushes too and I hope to get some clippings started this spring!

Sarah Ring said...

What about a glossy white for the lighting fixture?? I adore the blue chest! Did you paint it yourself?

paula said...

so pretty. I still am in love with that mirror!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes - the ever-present "Colonial Williamsburg" brass chandelier. When will this species become extinct? Believe it or not - the previous owners of my house even hung one in the bathroom!

Go for the spray paint - white or back sounds fun. I was tempted myself.

P.S. I covet the lamp - and the color on that chest is perfect!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...


The branches look great in the room.

I'm loving the vintage seltzer jars. I have one in my living room, but it needs some friends!

megan @ a life's design said...

The forsythia is so cheery! Love your mirror! And spray paint can always be a quick fix if needed.

Totty said...

I linked this post over at my blog. Love the mirror! Where did you get it?

Jon said...

As far as hardware for your blue chest is concerned, might I suggest something dark, like an oil rubbed bronze cabinet knob or pull? I think it would look great with the mirror frame and the dark wood furniture.