Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 633: neighborhood love

I've talked before about my love for new old houses and for Beaufort, South Carolina. The two have merged in the form of a New Urbanism community (think Seaside, Florida) in Beaufort called Habersham. The homes have the charm of the historic district, without the unpredictable plumbing and sagging floors.

But moreso than the homes, the plan for the community is what really makes Habersham (and others like it) stand out from the crowd of new developments. The goal was to "create a place built for the human scale," where people can live and work in one place. A place "of sustainable character and charm, a place that protects the present while preserving the values for future generations to come." I've been thinking a lot about this kind of lifestyle lately, and how much different it is than mine.

This led, naturally, to entirely too much time spent browsing the real estate listings in the area. Here are two of my favorites.

16 West Manor is listed at $999,000, so not exactly within our (fictional!) price range.

I actually really like the way this house is furnished, though it looks kind of unfinished. Then again, maybe it's just been cleared out in preparation for sale.

The kitchen is simple, with antique rugs on the floor and industrial-style bar stools.

The living room is pretty, but could use a bigger rug! The architectural details are appropriately subdued and I love that the trim is the same as the wall color. I'm kind of over white trim; it's very harsh.

Antique furniture looks right at home, and I love the wicker basket used as a table.

Love that lamps! And it looks like Dwell bedding.

The master bedroom is soothing and neutral. How luxurious to have a fireplace in the bedroom!

It's a little hard to tell what's on the floor in here. Any guesses? I love this bed, too. It looks like the one that Granny Smith Green spotted at Blackberry Farm. Anyone know who makes it?

I also love 12 South Eastover for its farmhouse-like charm. "The Joseph" has details that "recall building traditions of the past, with its board and batten siding and steep pitch roof." This one is definitely going into the "for building/extensive remodeling" inspiration folder.

Gorgeous porches! This one opens to the living and dining rooms.

Simple, light-filled kitchen. Some of the houses have unfortunately been outfitted with some tragic-looking tile, but not this one. Mexican ceramic tile has no place in a low country cottage!

Here are the doors to the porch, the view is looking back toward the dining space and into the kitchen.

Lovely stairwell. I love the tall baseboards and the simple molding.

And a bath tiled appropriately, I think. Again, love the molding around the doors. When can I move in?

Images courtesy of Habersham Land Company.

Oh, I almost forgot! Southern Living and MyHomeIdeas are giving away a house in Habersham. Well, maybe. The winner gets to choose among four houses, one of them being in Habersham. Click here to vote on your favorite and enter for a chance to win.


Unknown said...

I love the new-old concept, as well. I have a dream of partnering with a builder to develop such neighborhoods in the Oklahoma City area. Our community has way too many cookie-cutter suburban homes and McMansions.

Lauren said...

LOVE the houses you showed. A year or 2 ago I was reading about these communities & they seem so great. There aren't really any near me though :(

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

swoon!!! i love the second house!

it is everlasting said...

Love them! I just entered to win... SC here I come... maybe!? I really love those two tiered porches, the coastal feel, all of it!

Tara said...

I entered for the South Carolina house, too! I'm excited!

Also, what color did your friend (Amanda, I think?) end up painting the front door on her brick house? I'm curious about her final decision!

Anonymous said...

sooo pretty! These are like my dream homes. I love that Southern architecture.

Sarah said...

Oh, now I feel like I have good taste; let me explain: I have been counting down the days until the SL home-giveaway commencement, and I knew all along I liked the Habersham house. So now that I know you like it too, I know I have good taste :)

Megan said...

jennifer! thank you for the tour! I recently read creating a new old house after seeing you post about it and found it so interesting. I love the look of a whole neighborhood created with that concept- so charming I hope I get to visit some day!!

Sarah Ring said...

The flooring in that bedroom looks like parquet wood tiles to me... but not sure... hmm...

My Notting Hill said...

Great houses. How's the shopping in Beaufort? Will be in Charleston for a week and we're thinking of driving over there for some sight seeing.

Kat said...

love those houses! what a gorgeous place to call home!

Jennifer said...

Tara -- I'm not sure that's she's decided on anything, I'll have to check in on her.

Sarah -- you are too funny. And I don't think anyone has ever questioned your level of taste, BTW!

Meg -- glad you enjoyed it!