Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 625's fun ideas

Seeing Jenny's post this morning reminded me how much I like the work of Carrier and Company (and that I haven't posted about it yet). The Forge River house is especially interesting, and filled with fun ideas.

Grass green velvet throw pillows make this mix of blue and white so much more interesting. And I love the pair of mirrors over the sofa -- an unexpected touch that's easy to replicate (though I'm thinking that is one BIG sofa!).

Obviously intended to be a formal space, I love how it's taken down with more informal fabrics, like grain sacks on the upholstery. The curtains are left formal, a fun touch.

An oversized map can make a big statement, for not much money.

I love the coral-colored bottom on the curtains. Again, an easy, budget-friendly touch that makes a great statement.

Another great pair of mirrors, this time over a long console. Even a rustic-looking piece like this can have a place in a semi-formal house.

Love this fabulous ceiling!

Great carpet throughout the house. And I'm loving this green chest and the artwork above it. I'm thinking I could get the look with craft paper and some black paint.

And, of course, I always find a blue bedroom appealing. This one is especially fresh.

Love an interesting bathroom vanity, too!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful….this style is right up my alley actually. I especially love the Swedish secretary! They are a great talent with wonderful diversity.
Thanks for this posting!


megan @ a life's design said...

Thanks for the intro to Carrier and Company. I love the green chest and artwork above. Something I may have to try as well!

Gillian said...

These are so beautiful!!! I cannot get over them, a million things of inspiration for me!

tarheel said...

Fabulous- LOVE the green chest and the two green mirrors. Post a picture if you replicate the big artwork!!

paula said...

so pretty. I am wanting to put a huge map in my little boys room now that it has been completely rearranged to accommodate his new train set.