Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 628: more garden shop fun

I found more than oversized planters and boxwoods at Leaf & Petal. I love to stop in after work (especially when the weather is so nice) because they always have pretty plants to admire (like those orchids above) and fun little seasonal things, too.

I went in search of a little fern for my new old milk glass urn, but all of these were just a little too big. Which is probably for the best -- I don't have the best record with small, fragile ferns. I bought a succulent instead.

There is always a plethora of moss-covered things. I forced some paperwhites in a mossy pot in the fall, and I think the baskets would be so adorable on a table set for Easter brunch! We usually go out of town for Easter, or I would have snatched on myself (they're affordable, too -- about $6, I think).

Pretty little hydrangeas. As much as I love cut flowers, these make great gifts for Mother's Day and such holidays. As long as mother has a place to plant it!

And more fun Easter wares -- I love the moss bunnies and am still kicking myself for not buying the moss angels at Christmastime (apparently I have a thing for moss). Oh well.

Still on the hunt for a pretty planter, I headed to K-Mart to check out Martha's outdoor living collection. Some pretty pots, but nothing really big enough for the porch.

I did love this little red bench -- it reminded me of the one I spotted at Scott's in January.

Also loved these hurricane lanterns, which reminded me of the terra cotta versions at The Product Gallery (but at $24.99, were more my speed). Might have to go pick one or two of these up. Can you tell I've got spring fever?!


LindsB said...

What a pretty garden store, I love those moss baskets too.

paula said...

i was at home goods 280 and they had a few metal square planters that were gorgeous. If I were spending I so would have bought them!