Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 422's details

Small details can really elevate a simple house (like our little rancher) to something more special, so as we're making changes and updating, I'm trying to keep the details in mind.

One of them is lighting. We have some really bizzare lighting in our house right now, and most of it is basically pointless. They produce so little light in all three bedrooms that they hardly ever get turned on (which is fine by me, I prefer lamps any way).

But a lamp isn't a solution to everything, especially in our narrow little hallway.

This hall leads from the breakfast room to all three bedrooms. Since Wes has declared that finishing it is now on his radar, I'm at work figuring out how to make it a little more, you know, pretty.

The wimpy little fake-brass flushmount fixture has got to go. But what to replace it with?? The ceiling is extremely low, so we definitely need something low-profile.

The low-profile version of the Pullman flushmount at Hudson valley Lighting is nice, and I don't think it would interfere too much in the hall. I like the more finish and the vintage style.

Also on the list, new doorknobs. The fake-brass-that's-actually-plastic isn't doing it for me! It'd be great to have something more substantial, like these (BTW, Lowe's carries something similar for less, but their Web site is under construction. I'll keep you posted).

After part of the wall is repaired, we'll paint it Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore, which is the same color in the living room. I'd like to hang something on the walls, the placement of the doors and the thermostat make it tricky. One thing I have decided in this process is that I'm not so sure I'd ever want to build a house. Besides my affection for old houses, I cannot imagine having to make all of these decisions at one time! Yikes.


Jessica Lundy Mansouri, Algebra I Teacher said...

Could you please come to Memphis and decorate my little house/condo/apartment?? Hope you and Wes are doing well!!! Miss ya'll!

leah @maritalbless said...

I love that flushmount light fixture! Thank you!

megan @ a life's design said...

I love the hardware selection.

doug said...

I spotted a similar door knob at I just wanted to share that little find for anyone who was looking around.
This is a little after-the-fact but I hope your home is turning out the way you envisioned and you're enjoying every bit of it! Cheers!