Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 607: door details

Thanks for all of the compliments on our front door project. It really was fun (as much fun as DIY home improvements can be!) and we're pleased to have finally gotten it done. Well, done is relative -- there are still a couple of things I'd like to do.

Ann Ever asked if we'd considered adding a door knocker, and yes, actually, the first thing I did when I saw Keller Donovan's gorgeous one was check the inventory at I found a pretty version from Omnia, but wasn't expecting the $100 price tag. Ouch. It'll go on the wish list, for now.

I'd also kind of like a kick plate, just to dress the door up a little. It'd be nice for practical reasons too (like pups who impatiently paw at the door when they want to come inside).

Star noticed that both of our inspiration doors had topiaries on either side, and asked if we planned to do the same. We have had two footed pots on the porch in the past. You may remember that Maddie pulled everything out of them this summer, and I had yellow mums in them in the fall. I would like to put them back out, and now that Maddie's contained in the new backyard fence, what ever we plant will be safe.

Many of you seem interested in our little column project -- are you in similar situations? We've definitely tossed some ideas around and consulted with Wes' dad, who is a construction guru, now it's just a matter of getting down to it. And, of course, funding it, though we don't plan to spend much (fingers crossed on that one).

And finally, Amanda asked about choosing a front door color for her red brick rancher. I'm no color expert (in fact, I fully admit that landing on Cafe on the Riviera was a matter of divine intervention!), so my best advice is to try a few things out. The good thing about this project is that it doesn't have to be much of a commitment of time or money. If it doesn't work the first time it can be easily changed.

One thing I like to do for inspiration is take Saturday walks through pretty neighborhoods, and we've got a quite a neighborhood online, too. So, let's help Amanda out! What color is your front door?

(Eek, I hate to post an image without a credit. Do you recognize this one? I couldn't resist though -- another great ring door knocker!)


Amanda said...

Thanks for the shout out. I am eager to see what others paint their doors (and trim colors too)!

Anonymous said...

Mine is Bing Cherry by Porter, love it! I have a "used" brick, charcoal shutters, and a lighter charcoal trim, and then the bing cherry door. Good luck!
~Dina from ATL

Anonymous said...

Restoration Hardware, don't think they have it in that finish anymore though.

Tara said...

I don't actually have my own door to paint right now, but I have my dreams! If we ever were to get a red brick house, I have a few thoughts, depending on the vibrancy of the brick.
If there is a bright red brick, I would go with something more of a french grey with a stronger green undertone. I like eucalyptus by Ralph Lauren and also their Baltic Green. But neither of those are really exactly what I'm thinking. I think this would really soften a door, as opposed to using a bright royal blue which could look a little cartoonish.

If the brick is lighter, and a softer red, I like a deeper blue. Just to stick with Ralph Lauren, I like Calypso and Durango Blue. There is also a color called Ink that my friend has in her dining room that I think would be great, but I can't remember the brand.

Anyway, maybe you'll find that interesting! Hope it helps a little.

Filia Artis said...

We live in a duplex that was built in the late 1700s and when we asked our landlord how he picked the green colour for the doors and windows, he said it was the official green for Parks Canada. I don't have a photo of our place, but the outer walls are white and it does kind of look like the colours shown here for the Anne of Green Gables House in PEI.

layersofmeaning said...

The Paris Market in Savannah had some really cute door knockers. We bought this one:

Katie said...

When you said $100 for that ring shaped door knocker I just about cried. So I started searching and found a brushed nickel one for $42! Here's the link:

Ben said...

I agree with KT, door hardware is deceptively expensive! I don't think that they have door knockers but I found that had a number of door knobs that looked really great and might be a nice finish for someone's door! I hope it helps, and hopefully my door hardware lasts me for a while!